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Why Enterprises Choose ConnX

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The ConnX Xperience

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ConnX AI is a multi service digital communications transformation platform that is helping enterprise customers and carriers unlock their potential and accelerate new and better ways of doing business.

Our diverse team of experts and our deep partner ecosystem was built to help you transform your enterprise and solve the complex labyrinth of problems associated with migration and operational support for today’s disparate communication infrastructures.

ConnX clients are realizing the tremendous benefits of partnering with a trusted multi service integrator that has taken the complexity out of connecting employees to customers, to partners and to each other. Our AI driven platform integrates our Global Carrier Network, SIP trunks and SBCs with AI WAN, Microsoft Teams, AI Contact Center, Enterprise Voice and UC, Mobility and 5G, all supported and secured end to end by our Avatar Assure AI and Avatar Secure Threat Management platforms

Customers experiences become richer and more personalized through data driven insights. Business, IT and Operations are liberated, and opportunities created with the application of AI. Cost and risk decrease and become more manageable and predictable. This is how we are addressing the problems today.

The largest global carriers and enterprise customers choose ConnX to solve their most complex digital communications transformation challenges.

ConnX  Solutions

Consolidate | Normalize | Xperience

The challenges most enterprises are facing today are the multiple incompatible systems and tools. These disparate point solutions offer limited access to real time data, are arduous to manage and require a large skilled workforce. The enterprise is highly dependent on multiple vendors for scale or customization, which becomes very expensive and provides minimal value to stakeholders over time.

The ConnX Integrated Communications Suite (CICS) leverages ConnX Maestro Orchestration to unite Unified Communications, Voice, Contact Center and Conferencing systems and provide multi-service integrated network, voice and security services. Our AI-driven support model makes it possible to remotely control assets and services, advance automation in operations and workflows with access to real-time UC Systems data.

The ConnX Secure Cloud delivers unique communications transformation solutions that include Software Defined Network (SDN) integrated with Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) supported by the AI driven Avatar Service Assurance platform to deliver Security, Performance Management and Analytics.

Digital Communications Transformation is in our DNA



Time for FAA to Migrate to Modern Communications

TDM has served air traffic controllers well for sometime, but high cost and lack of functionality has the FAA curious about migrating to IP-based communications. During the ATCA Tech Symposium running from September 14-18, ConnX (formerly Atlas Communications Technology) CEO Indrajit Ghosh and Managing Director Steve Pitchon will unpack the digital transformation opportunity for an agency in need of modernization. In advance of the event, I had the opportunity to talk to the duo about what may lie ahead for the FAA.



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