AI Secure

Enterprises transforming their telecommunications systems must manage the increasing threats to their UC networks, which have requirements that are specific to voice, video, and collaboration.

ConnX AI Secure provides a central point for management, detection,
mitigation and prevention of malicious VoIP attacks and threats.

UC Threat Management and Fraud Detection

Unified Communications (UC) networks and services such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and SIP face a variety of threats – from malware-infected endpoints, to underlying operating system and protocol implementation vulnerabilities, to voice Denial-of- Service (DoS), Robocalls, Spam over Internet Telephony (SPIT) attacks, and UC application-layer attacks and device configuration weaknesses. The challenge for enterprises is to monitor, detect, mitigate threats, and intrusions from all sides.

ConnX AI Secure offers a complete cyber security solution for SIP-enabled services and complements ConnX AI Assure with managed AI-WAN security service offerings. To securely deliver UC services and monitor for anomalous behavior, ConnX has developed a new collective security approach that leverages a proven, in-depth security defense model that seamlessly integrates into Hosted UC, VoIP, and VoLTE/5G networks.

ConnX AI Secure provides a central point for management, detection, mitigation and prevention of malicious VoIP attacks and threats.

ConnX AI Secure: The Easier Way

Pre-configured to recognize and prevent over 40,000 VoIP / Video threat vectors

Ongoing, globally-sourced vulnerabilities and signature updates

Proactive, behavioral learning assures accurate detection and alerts that reduce false alarms

Reports and halts malicious traffic in microseconds

Deep visibility and analytics of SIP-based networks used to determine threats and attacks

ConnX AI Secure tools implement comprehensive AI/ML-based manage security policies that encompass all cyberthreat vulnerabilities, including access control, antivirus and disaster recovery planning. These basic security policies, coupled with authentication schemes, password protections and encryption requirements, help strengthen the enterprise VoIP network against today’s UC/VoIP cyber threat attacks.

Customer Challenges

Customers face three significant hurdles when defending against sophisticated hacking tools, DoS attacks, Robocalls, and protecting WFH Networks

Threat Detection

Staying current on and detecting all threats is the greatest hurdle. ConnX AI Secure intelligently combines SIP Security, Threat Intelligence Analytics and Fraud Detection to give operators real-time, context-driven visibility into unauthorized activities and mitigate threats including DoS, Botnet attacks and Robocalls throughout their VoIP network.

Seamless Integration

AI Secure solution easily integrates into UC, VoIP and video network providing advanced user applications and network layer analytics, stateful inspection, firewall interruption, VoIP application layer state transition monitoring, and real time security policy enforcement, all required to secure UC, VoIP and Video services in today’s complex network environment.

Complete Protection

ConnX AI Secure safeguards enterprise UC infrastructure and applications with real-time media monitoring, protection against a wide range of DoS attacks, Robocalls and other threats. Signaling and media streams become inspectable, and re-originated in real-time to protect against eavesdropping, hijacking, and other attacks. AI Secure supports a variety of standards-based authentication and authorization options.

AI Secure: Proactive. Feature Rich.

With security as a foremost concern, ConnX offers proactive proprietary threat assessment architecture, so your enterprise can focus on your core business without fear of network vulnerabilities. ConnX AI Secure features:

Deep Packet Inspection provides deep visibility and analytics to determine threats and attacks, and provides the network path of each media session by router and audio packet monitoring.

Real-Time Media Monitoring to recognize and prevent VoIP / Video threat vectors with ongoing, globally-sourced vulnerabilities and signature updates. Monitoring includes application and traffic insights, optimization, network health, sites and links, QoS, as well as IP-SEC and NAP (Network Access Point) status.

AI-based Signaling Analysis and reports to mitigate malicious traffic. Identify and provide alert on bandwidth utilization and packet drop for interfaces carrying media sessions using GUI and System Management dashboards.

Applying an AI-Ops behavioral learning engine to resolve conflicts at the gateway results in very low rate of false positives. Protection against data threats, SW vulnerabilities and against toll fraud.

ConnX AI Secure provide robust interworking for multiple signaling protocols, call admission control to manage traffic levels, and multiple security features to protect privacy and ensure regulatory compliance.


ConnX AI Secure maximizes an enterprise’s return on their infrastructure investment, ensuring protection from external threats and the integrity of corporate data, anywhere in the world.

AI-powered Security
Complete signaling and media security, including, that includes monitoring network traffic DoS and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack detection and blocking, and rogue Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) protection.

Protects against layer 4 to layer 7 UC&C Application Threats and ensures privacy on the media (SRTP) and signaling (IPSec/TLS) paths without sacrificing scalability or performance.

Enterprise Grade
Enterprise-grade performance, reliability, and scalability. Exploit all the benefits of SIP-based communications without sacrificing security.

SIP Traffic
Ensure 100% compliance of all SIP traffic and security beyond the enterprise’s physical network, including toll fraud, subscriber fraud, VOIP fraud and SIP securities.