Dynamic Threat Intelligence

As threats to enterprise networks grow, the ability to safeguard digital assets, to act with confidence to detect cyber threats to mitigate business impact, and to drive efficiency into cybersecurity operations becomes increasingly vital.

ConnX Dynamic Threat Intelligence delivers network resiliency with cybersecurity consulting services, endpoint security, network security, and threat detection and response.

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Your End-to-end Cybersecurity Team

With ConnX Dynamic Threat Mitigation your enterprise gains a trusted cybersecurity advisor, with the expertise to help your business make the best data-driven decisions. From the start, ConnX helps bring your cybersecurity risks in line with your business goals, accelerating your risk and compliance goals, and help architect your network for resilience in the face of ever-growing cyber threats.

Whether it is on-premise, remote or in the cloud, ConnX provides what your business needs to help protect and connect your users, data, and applications with network security your business can rely on. ConnX Dynamic Threat Mitigation provides security that grows with your business, and unparalleled visibility into network traffic trends and cybersecurity threats, backed by exceptional expertise.

With endpoint security services, ConnX uses a zero-trust, unified approach to help organizations manage and secure their endpoints, from laptops to desktops, servers, and mobile devices. ConnX will help identify and close security gaps, simplify management, safeguard against threat vectors, and provide unified security and management for your business critical devices.

Don't let your enterprise be held back by complex solutions requiring specialized staff to manage and maintain. ConnX Dynamic Threat Management's all in one solution detects and responds to threats before they impact your business.

Continuous security monitoring, alarm validation and incident investigation, and security orchestration and incident response automation all combine to mean that your enterprise start detecting sooner, stays ahead of the latest threats, and responds to threats faster. Easy integration with your current tooling reduces cost and complexity.