Remote Browser Isolation

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the work environment, powering the dramatic rise in remote working. Together with the explosion of cyberattacks on enterprise networks, data and applications, and the expansion of multi-cloud computing, internet browsing has drastically increased every organization's exposure.

With security no longer built around physical locations, ConnX Remote Browser Isolation seamlessly protects users working from anywhere, on any device, over any network, from  web and SaaS application content-borne threats.

Remote Browser Islolation? What is it?

A virtualized workforce has created sweeping changes to user behavior and decentralized technology, creating a landscape focused on individuals working from anywhere, using any device, and accessing a network of their choice. This change to a from a physical network perimeter to a digital perimeter brings new challenges.

A remote browser isolates the user’s browsing activity from the end user’s device, and from the enterprise’s networks and systems. This creates a buffer between attacks entering at the user level and the enterprise network, preventing an attacker from establishing a foothold, to move laterally within the organization, or to breach other enterprise systems.

By removing the browsing process from the end user’s desktop, and transferring it to a designated browser server or cloud-based browser service, ConnX Remote Browser Isolation servers renders the browser content remotely and sends that out to the user’s local browser, including audio, video, and keyboard and mouse interactions.

Legacy Solutions Aren't Keeping Up

While the world has changed, enterprise solutions have not. Cybersecurity threats are still being addressed by hybrid on-premise and cloud solutions that ignore the shift to a virtual workforce, which means enterprise is solving cyberattacks aimed at remote entry points remote with office building-centric architectures.

These solutions are not only costly and not scalable, they also have performance and latency issues. Legacy solutions introduce latency and additional network infrastructure complexities since they forward traffic through multiple hops, encrypting and decrypting traffic multiple times along the way for inspection.

The Better Way: ConnX Remote Browser Isolation

As a cloud-native service, ConnX Remote Browser Isolation is the first policy enforcer that doesn't need to forward traffic to a Secure Web Gateway (SWG) or Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). Policies are applied on applications rather than the network layer. The content is inspected and policies are applied before the traffic is encrypted.

ConnX Remote Browser Isolation solution works on all networks, OSes, and devices including mobile phones. With a unique cybersecurity approach designed around people, end-points and applications, the service brings these benefits:

An excellent user experience

Accessible anywhere

No latency


Uses Best of Breed technology

Reliable, high performance

Cost efficient

Seamless, Incredibly Fast Protection

Since ConnX Remote Browser Isolation is 100% cloud-native, there is no complex on-premise setup, architecture changes, or physical server installations. This means that you can deploy and protect seamlessly, even 100,000 users could be onboarded in as little as 5 minutes.

With ConnX Remote Browser Islolation, web traffic is not modified from cloud to end user, allowing the service to be extremely flexible, and allowing enforcement of policies in real-time, regardless where users are, or what device  
they are using. The service allows unlimited scalability, is suitable for multitenancy structures, and instant threat reporting ensures real-time response by the security teams.

Protecting your networks from attacks entering through the new inverted network paradigm couldn't be easier with ConnX Remote Browser Isolation.