Workflow and
Supply Chain Integration

The retail landscape, and the service industry, has undergone a sea-change with the global pandemic, and there is no going back.

With ConnX Workflow and Supply Chain Integration, enterprises quickly realize efficiencies in integrating UC solutions into their workflows, while tapping into applications that provide the right context and solutions, all served by AI-powered, natural language automation.

Quick. Accurate. Consistent.

With supply chains and workflows becoming more complex, especially with a workforce that is increasingly virtual, your workforce depends on UC platforms to get them answers quickly. But inefficiencies arise when answers rest with a person that is unreachable, or may not remember the answers. ConnX’s Workflow and Supply Chain Integration service uses intelligent automation to smooth out and remove obstacles to an efficient workflow and supply chain. Integrating UC solutions into workflow and supply chain applications such as CRMs, digital workflow managers, and retail POS systems, then leveraging the power of AI-driven routing and chatbots, your workforce gets the right answers, when they need them and how they want them.

Messaging is one of the most popular methods of communication, globally, whether by text or messenger applications. Businesses have started automating this, developing natural language chatbots that customers and employees can message and talk to, and receive responses that feel like human interactions. Chatbots have evolved away from stilted conversations to being able to understand typed or spoken words, and also being able to analyze and understand context.

The global chatbot market will surpass $994 million by 2024, an annual growth rate of 27%. With these advances, businesses are employing the automation chatbots provide to resolve issues and answer questions quickly, accurately and consistently.

Automating everyday workflows

Many daily activities your employees complete can be handled by a chatbot with greater consistency, faster and with more accuracy, but the power of ConnX Workflow and Supply Chain Integration stems from AI integration between your UC platforms and CRMs, digital workflow managers, and retail POS systems. Integration and orchestration of these disparate systems allows chatbots to draw on the wealth of knowledge and data in these systems, and use the power of AI and machine learning to find the best answers.

Chatbot automation considerably reduces time invested in repetitive tasks, such as pulling leads or parsing and processing data. Chat bots streamline a variety of business processes across all your teams.

Instead of your employees spending a significant part of their day completing routine yet essential tasks, ConnX Workflow and Supply Chain Integration can do it and give them more time to focus on revenue - generating activities.

AI/ML integration provides correct, context appropriate answers from disparate sources

Pushing out notifications 

Since ConnX Workflow and Supply Chain Integration can intelligently predict customer behavior, chatbot functions can be used to push appropriate notifications to the right people at the right time. This way, notifications can be a powerful marketing tool to reach and retain your customers. There are two types of push notifications:

Product Updates: Chatbots can send messages about new features, bug fixes, maintenance updates, and product usage statistics.

Promotions: Chatbots can also push out advertisements, discounts, deals, and sponsored messages to engage customers

Both types of notifications are further refined and targeted with ConnX’s AI/ML engines to provide contextually accurate and meaningful notifications to customers.

Gain and Retain Customer Insights

With ConnX Workflow and Supply Chain Integration the chatbot can gather customer and employee insights, and analyze their purchasing patterns and habits. By monitoring your customers’ and employees patterns, you can learn more about the products and services they prefer, or find common problems or issues within your organization.

ConnX Workflow and Supply Chain Integration can store and analyze information on the types of questions a chatbot is commonly asked. Not only does this make the chatbot better equipped to answer future questions, and upsell additional products, it also gives you a better understanding of what your customers need to know to complete the purchases. Likewise, analyzing internal chatbot usage can improve understanding of common workflow issues within your organization.

With this information, you will be better equipped to market effectively, and increase efficiencies in the workplace.

Stronger Integrations, Improved Workflows

Integration of your UC platforms with intelligent behavior prediction means that ConnX Workflow and Supply Chain Integration provides a number of routes to push tailored notifications to the right people, at the right time: Text notifications, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and One-Press Conferencing.

ConnX integrated service portfolio helps businesses rapidly and successfully implement virtual workforce strategies. ConnX optimizes operations and ensures business continuity by integrating connectivity, security, communications and collaboration into a holistic digital solution.

ConnX Virtual Workforce solutions deliver all the tools and technologies businesses need to quickly and seamlessly transition workers to remote and hybrid workplace environments.  ConnX ensures reliable connectivity and access to secure, compliant communications applications and services, scalable to meet the needs of any size business.

Let Maestro Orchestrate It All: Reveal More

Let Maestro Orchestrate

The complexities of workflow and supply integration make the marriage of ConnX Maestro orchestration tools a natural fit. ConnXAI’s platform allows users to simply drag and drop modules into a graphical representation of their desired workflow and publish. The ConnXAI platform automatically creates the module integration behind the scenes, a major step forward in workflow automation.

Moreover, the process is abstracted enough to give end users without coding knowledge input into the ways their tools interact. Once decision-makers have selected the combination of Business workflows and ConnX communication features that best meet their objectives, ConnX’s developer can configure, build, and launch that specific service on the ConnX Communication Platform in a matter of hours and can then tweaks and changes as requested.

Messages in these workflows can be reliably and securely sent and received around the world, delivered through ConnX’s global platform. The platform handles the complexities of regional compliance while leveraging its patented Adaptive Routing technology to ensure the best message delivery.

ConnX Workflow and Supply Chain Integration with ConnX Maestro easily automates your workflows, creating the efficiencies you desire, while improving the end user experience.


Our team works to redefine performance.

As mentioned previously, there are many phases of the supply chain management process from beginning to end, each of which can greatly benefit from the use of ConnX AI based workflows. The number of issues that could arise from the beginning of the supply chain process(procurement) to the end (distribution or delivery) is essentially countless.These are the processes that apply to most supply chain management functions where ConnX AI helps with creation and development of workflows that can lead to ongoing improvement:


The purchasing of raw materials or goods from suppliers is essential to supply chain efficiency. The use of ConnX AI based workflows can help mitigate instances of redundant vendor analysis/research and can also help to streamline purchase order creation.

Material Management:

Material management refers to the acquisition,inspection and storage of raw materials used in the manufacturing process.Adherence to company-defined workflows can reduce the number of inspectionerrors, which will subsequently reduce scrap rates and increase first passyield.

Manufacturing & Production:

While some organizations may not include the manufacturing function as part of its supply chain management function, it is a key element that falls in the middle of the supply chain process (for manufacturers). ConnX AI based tools in the manufacturing facility can help to reduce lead times and increase machine up time and utilization.

Order Management:

The order management function is responsible for the collection, validation and submitting of all the     information required to fulfill customer orders. The documentation of key     steps in the order management process through ConnX AI based workflow can     help to reduce order errors and increase customer satisfaction.


The distribution function handles responsibilities ranging from inventory and warehouse management to the final delivery of goods/products to the customer. Using ConnX AI based in the distribution process can help to improve inventory location accuracy, reduce shrinkage and mitigate order picking errors.

ConnX Solution to Customers

AI gives end-to-end visibility into transaction life cycles.

Supports smarter supply chain operations with cognitive cloud technology to transparently connect enterprises to the consumers they serve.

AI Transforms supply chain network complexity into competitive advantage through seamless selling and fulfillment.

Set notifications for your critical shipping and document events, so your teams are alerted to those events immediately on in-house systems or mobile devices.

integrated through non-proprietary, publicly available APIs that are simple to set-up, so you and your partners can quickly share data and expedite trade.