With the inverted network perimeter economy, the pandemic has challenged companies
to provide remote branch locations with secure, reliable connectivity and communications.

ConnX’s AI-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services are
proven to power your company’s growth in the face of adversity.

Not all SD‑WAN solutions are equal.
What makes ConnX AI‑WAN different?

As the name implies, ConnX AI‑WAN incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI). But this unique service also incorporates automation, enabling rapid deployment of your AI‑WAN system at scale, with precision, fully integrated with Voice, Unified Communications and Collaboration. Further, ConnX AI‑WAN uses advanced routing protocols that don’t rely on IP‑SEC tunnels and separate VNFs for firewalls and load balancing.

The proof is in the doing, and at ConnX, we’ve done it! ConnX recently implemented the largest, fully integrated AI‑WAN network in existence and with our AI and automation capabilities, we were able to accomplish this in record time. ConnX deployed more than 9,200 AI‑WAN nodes and 60,000 voice endpoints in just under eleven months for a large retail customer. Nobody else in the industry has come close to the scale and success of this project.

Diagram of Conn's AI-WAN Service

Why is ConnX AI‑WAN better?

Most SD‑WAN solutions are not integrated. Instead, their Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) are service chained and not integrated into a single VNF.

Many SD‑WAN solutions do not integrate with voice and unified communications. Nobody wants to continue down the path of siloed point solutions anymore.

The majority of orchestration and automation platforms today are not AI-powered and don’t have tools that support a fully integrated data and UC network, let alone one that extends to analog connections for fax, alarm lines, etc. ConnX AI‑WAN covers all the bases.

ConnX AI‑WAN is proven scalable, deploys in a fraction of the time others do, provides battle-tested resilience and reliability, and is intelligent in ways other systems simply cannot match.

What Makes AI-WAN So Critical?
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Why is AI-WAN so critical in today’s new network paradigm?

For businesses to sustain in the current and post-COVID-19 world, they will need to adapt their business models through digital transformation to support a virtual workforce and virtual supply chain. Reliable connectivity integrated with ubiquitous communication and collaboration is the heart of enabling digital transformation, and that is made possible with AI-WAN.

The global pandemic has created a new paradigm: The inverted network perimeter model, where the majority of the enterprise workforce and applications exist outside of the traditional network boundaries. This has forced enterprises to rapidly adopt an Over The Top (OTT), secure, reliable connectivity and communications platform that will enable them to migrate to a cloud-native, mobile-first strategy to sustain and driving competitiveness.

Enterprises that have adopted a digital transformation strategy powered by a multi-service, integrated connectivity and communications platform have been able to sustain, survive and prosper through these unprecedented and uncertain economic conditions.