Cloud IX (Cloud Interconnect)

As enterprise moves to the cloud, they are finding that there is no one end-to-end solution. Using disparate clouds, virtual applications, and standards all create enormous complexity.

Simplifying complexity is what ConnX Cloud IX is all about: A single point of orchestration that maximizes the efficiencies of the cloud, backed by expertise in designing, deploying and maintaining these complex systems.

The Future is in the Cloud

The cloud opens a world of possibilities for organizations of all sizes, removing roadblocks to efficiency and cost savings by overcoming challenges of geography-locked hardware that becomes obsolete in a modern fast-moving technology environment. Cloud deployments also shorten glacial deployment times through advances in automation and containerization. ConnX Cloud Interconnect provides flexible access to a wide range of business services and applications coupled with the right secure, reliable connectivity to support for your business needs.

Don’t Go It Alone

The problem is complexities of designing, provisioning, and managing disparate cloud systems prevent enterprises from realizing the cost savings and efficiencies that are promised with integrated, cloud-based applications and networks. ConnX Cloud Interconnect solves the problems enterprise face as they move towards cloud-based networks and applications:

Complex Provisioning: Removes the complexity of provisioning multiple platforms, and steps needed to administer the single object.

Scalability and Resiliency: ConnX’s solution allows you to securely and automatically manage your hybrid cloud setup for quick, dynamic scaling to meet your changing business environment. ConnX simplifies integration with multiple cloud providers to ensure resiliency.

Visibility: ConnX provides the visibility into service performance other cloud providers don’t, all backed by SLAs. Cloud platform level performance analytics and alerting, intelligent AI metrics, observability to your remote workforce, are all part of the service your enterprise gets with ConnX that is nearly impossible to get going it alone.

Security and Threat Management: ConnX Cloud Interconnect saves your enterprise resources needed to keep current on constantly evolving cloud native application security requirements spanning virtual machines, containers and server less workloads. ConnX AI Secure proactively detect threats, implements real-time monitoring, and applies deep network analytics and security to quickly identify, isolate and protect against voice, video and collaboration cyber threats.

Prevention: ConnX’s AI-powered interconnectivity exchange removes the risk of having to devote resources in anticipating tomorrow's network threats. With Cloud Interconnect, your enterprise gets intelligent network security securing users, apps and data anywhere.

Maestro and Cloud IX: Reveal More

ConnX Maestro Gives You a Boost to the Cloud

Perhaps one of the greatest barriers to organizations reaping the benefits of cloud-based networks is the lack of orchestration – the ability to control and manage your hybrid network resources through an intelligent and centralized platform to optimize performance. With ConnX Maestro, orchestration is at your fingertips, giving easy access to our Cloud Experience Management Portal: An integrated menu of services and applications supported by the industry’s best of breed in their domains.

Cloud Interconnect service comes bundled with Maestro orchestration to speed and automate provisioning, and to provide the insight on how your cloud platforms are interoperating and performing to make the intelligent decisions that fast-changing environments require.