Virtual Workforce

Gone are the days of a central office. Your workforce now works from home,
or is distributed across different cities, states, the nation or even the globe.

ConnX Virtual Workforce protects your remote workers, allowing safe
interaction, with the same stringent standards you set for your main network.

74% of CFOs  say a larger percentage of their workforce will permanently work from home

The massive, global shift to a virtual workforce has accelerated the need for digital transformation strategies.

The boundaries of the network perimeter are now inverted and there’s no longer a single, defensible boundary between a company’s internal assets and the outside world.

This shift is disrupting existing network and security paradigms, and businesses need solutions.

ConnX's “mobile first, cloud-native” solutions enable your users to access applications securely from anywhere on any device.


Why solve tomorrow’s
problems with yesterday’s tools?

ConnX helps customers with seamless and secure transition from on‑site to remote operations.

Rapid delivery of reliable connectivity and secure communications

Access to telephony services and applications

Flexibility to leverage soft client or ConnX Voice IP phone

Extend virtual contact center functionality for agents and supervisors

Business and regulatory compliance with secure, burstable AI‑WAN VPN access

Protection against robocalls, TDoS attacks and VoIP fraud with RoboBlock and UC Threat Management

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The ConnX integrated service portfolio helps businesses rapidly and successfully implement virtual workforce strategies. ConnX optimizes operations and ensures business continuity by integrating connectivity, security, communications and collaboration into a holistic digital solution.

ConnX Virtual Workforce solutions deliver all the tools and technologies businesses need to quickly and seamlessly transition workers to remote and hybrid workplace environments. ConnX ensures reliable connectivity and access to secure, compliant communications applications and services, scalable to meet the needs of any size business.